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CCG led an investor group that acquired the former process-controls and automation division of Swiss-based conglomerate, ABB, Inc. MicroMod, a name derived from its main products the Micro-DCI process controller and the MOD 30 instrument family, had been an orphaned division of its global parent who had decided to focus its efforts on larger process control projects. CCG partnered with a former executive of the parent company and the division’s management team in leading due diligence and the creation of a formal business plan prior to the consummation of the transaction.

developing solutions

  • Financial Advise

During CCG’s ownership period, MicroMod added the infrastructure required to be a standalone company, attracted industry-leading talent to its employ, and added new process control products in addition to updating all of its existing product families. With CCG’s assistance, the company undertook a targeted marketing strategy focused on select industries that receive the largest payback for its process control solutions. MicroMod transitioned from a group of product lines, to a highly respected industry-leading provider of process-control solutions.

delivering results

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With the business stabilized and the infrastructure in place, CCG and its partners initiated a process to find a new owner for the company. After a disciplined divestiture process, MicroMod was acquired by a strategic investor located in Rochester, New York.

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